DigiSecure (DMS) - Our Vision

With the various regulatory bodies in the country mandating storage and access of digitised physical data on-demand, various standard document management systems with ease of access, data retention and indexing capability evolved and are in use.

YSC based on market demand assessed and addressed few key concerns of various corporates in the DMS space

  • Price Concerns.
  • Ease of retrieval of Data.
  • API integration and seamless integration with existing ERP systems (SAP / MS Dynamics).
  • Grouping of various data acquired across various time period for the same data component.
  • Secure and Encrypted.

DigiSecure Feature Summary

Key Features :

  • Single repository for archiving all documents functional-area / department wise.
  • Easy & Quick retrieval of documents through multiple search criterion depending on document type and also all relevant documents.
  • Existing files to be updated.
  • Through Access Restriction built into the system, need based access would be made available to users. This will help in maintaining Data Confidentiality and Security.
  • Generating alert-based expiration like agreements, updating / deleting / adding documents.
  • Storing keyword / tags for searching documents.

Functional Capability :

  • Managing Department & User.
  • Managing File Attribute / Fields.
  • Search & Filtering Functionality – By all criterions that are detailed in the Upload File.
  • Uploading / Download Files (Single and Multiple in a batch).
  • Tagging files to each other (Single and Multiple in a batch).
  • Search / Filtered list to be exported in the form of Excel.
  • Functionality to Edit / Delete Files – Limited Access.
  • Individual level edit / delete/upload option to be mentioned at the time of creation of user. Same privilege could be modified by Administrator only.
  • Intimation Email on Events (Upload, Edit, Deletion, Expiry Date etc.) to Related Mangers, Administrators, Application Owner etc.
  • Reminder Email near Expiry Data filled into the Master 1 Month before Expiry.
  • Concept of sharing common values of Fields and Tags of a set of files.
  • Concept of overwriting a file / replacing a file.
  • Characteristics for searching a file and showing the related files.

Feature Details

Content Repository

  • Systematically organize documents in a folder and subfolder hierarchy.
  • Create document and folder specific properties / parameters (data class) that are relevant for any business and department. Use these data classes to store, process and access documents.
  • Secure and manage document / folder access and ensure compliance with security guidelines.
  • Enable automatic classification with metadata tagging of newly added documents.
  • Keep a track of various document versions through auto-versioning capability.


  • Configure functional GUI through actions such as removal/ addition of document operations, document properties and folder operations and allow users to set GUI color theme
  • Customize search query in addition to system-defined searches such as document search, folder search, full text search and others.
  • Configure reports as per business use cases. Generate reports for tracking document creation and document filing status.
  • Define and assign access rights for screen, search and report configurations. Allow users to set number of search results (per page) and other document properties based on their rights.


  • Integrate with third party business systems and applications through Web API based GUI, and Web Service based integration and Custom IFRAME.
  • Connect with any repository or system following CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Standard)0, SOAP / HTTP and SSO (LDAP, SAML) Standards.
  • Store content on cloud leveraging adaptors for Amazon S3, Azure Blob, Hitachi Content Platform (HCP), and Hadoop.
  • Enable authentication & SSO Support for your existing right management infrastructure with LDAP, SAML (Azure AD & ADFS), NTLM V2, and Kerberos connectors.

Advanced Search

  • Search documents and discover information with intuitive search capabilities.
  • Optimize search queries by removing redundant search words and phrases.
  • Easily locate the searched content within a document through the searched content highlight feature.
  • Search with few keywords using auto-suggestion feature, which works across documents, folders, index fields and their values.

Archival and Retrieval

  • Web-based user interface for easy retrieval of documents.
  • Secured access to content ensuring document confidentiality and integrity of records.
  • Location Tagging for linking, storing and retrieval of documents with the help of thirdparty integrations.
  • Comprehensive reports on transacted documents.
  • Secure archival based on internal policies and regulations.


  • Collaborate and verify documents collected from multiple data sources.
  • Automate linear workflows such as Maker-Checker and Approval/ Rejection.
  • Integrate workflow with existing application interface (custom development).
  • Maintain a central library for all the business process related documents.
  • Design and deploy document processes with inbuilt work steps such as upload, verify, approve, and reject.
  • Upload documents with easy drag and drop feature.

Digital Asset Management (Optional)

  • Track, manage and share digital assets online.
  • Store images, videos, audios, documents, HTML, CSS, XML and other digital assets.
  • Compress and transform content while improving quality.
  • Instantly search through numerous digital assets.
  • Facilitate online streaming through integrated streaming engines.

Mobile Access

  • Easy Information Access – Bridge the gap between business operations and workforce. Enable easy access to documents amid information users
  • Add documents via mobile application and upload them into central DMS repository.
  • Search documents with the help of data classes and search criterion stored in the repository.
  • Create and access folders in the DMS repository through your mobile.
  • Capture, archive and retrieve all types of document formats, coming from various sources.
  • Share documents, stored in the DMS repository, on social media, email and other channels in a convenient manner.
  • Custom Interface (Optional).

Advanced Features and Services (Optional)

Advanced Features:
  • Web Application Firewall Module.
  • Document Recognition Intelligence.
  • Two Factor Authentication.
  • One Click Encryption.
  • Role Based Access.
  • Bulk Identification and categorisation of specific document type (Compliance scanning).

Scanning Service (Currently Available In India) :
  • All document type scanning supported.
  • Searchable Scanning.

Archival as a service

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